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On Saturday, July 21, Fairview held the 13th annual Fairview 5k. This race is run annually in late July to honor Betty Seay and Chrissy Chadwick, two wonderful Fairview mothers who left young families behind after battles with breast cancer. This year, runners enjoyed nearly ideal weather conditions, with a light mist and unseasonably low temperatures. 210 runners finished setting numerous age group records and personal bests.  

Long known for the number and quality of grab bag gifts, this year's race didn't disappoint, with nearly all runners who wished taking something home. More than 30 volunteers, including more than a dozen CTC volunteers (led by Carol Finch and her timing crew and Course Marshall Tom Scala) made things run smoothly despite the fact that the race attracted nearly fifty entrants more than it ever had before. With great numbers participating, Fairview looks forward to making a record contribution of all proceeds to the local chapter of the American Cancer Society. If it's not already there, this family friendly event needs to be on your calendar for next year.  

July 12, 2008

What was once one of the smaller races on the circuit has now grown to be one of the largest races on the summer racing scene.  This year’s edition of the Fairview 5K hosted over 150 runners and thanks to the excellent efforts of veteran volunteer Director Carol Finch and CTC folks like Theresa Coppola and Tom Scala, the event was well organized. CTC summer speedster and collegiate racer George Heeschen (17:34) outkicked fellow CTC rocket man Jason Buczyna (17:36) for the victory.  Quickly improving Master’s runner Hernan Garbini finished 4th overall (17:46) and fellow 46 year old Chris Samley (18:18) rounded out the top 5.  CTC runner Meghan Cloud (21:02) took the blue ribbon on the women’s side and Master’s speedster Lise Willingham took the overall red ribbon for the CTC with a 21:26 clock stopper. Several CTC members stood on the top of the age group podium including Garbini (45-49), Kevin Owen (18:22, 30-34), Tommy Kinstle (21:18, 35-39), Skip Mullaney (21:52, 65-69), Wendy Golden (24:45, 55-59), Kate Collier (26:36, 25-29), Kate Owen (28:03, 30-34), Harold Workman (29:44, 55-59), Nancy Fraser (30:29, 70-74), Connie Friend (30:56, 60-64), Wendall Golden (46:33, 80+). Other impressive CTC races of note were turned in by the following members:  Leah Connor, Anthony Gonnella, Jamie Collins, Kiyoko Asao-Ragosta, Angie McHugh, Natalie Krovetz, and Eleni Heeschen.

As always, all of the proceeds were passed along to one of the Fairview family’s favorite causes, the American Cancer Society.

July 21, 2007

With a new twist to the course and a new date, the 2007 running of this popular mid-Summer run drew one of its largest fields ever.  Over 125 runners traversed the hills in and around the famous Fairview Swim Club, home of the area’s longest standing athletic dynasty. 

CTC member Theresa Coppola debuted with a wonderfully organized event with some guidance from former three term club president Tom Scala.  Many of the participants commented that it was one of the best runs on the local circuit.

CTC members Jason Buczyna (16:56) and Nicola Ratcliffe (20:02) took home top overall honors, as both had comfortable cushions over their closest gender competition.  Burkhard Spiekermann (17:42) and Hernan Garbini (17:49) rounded out the top 3 and they have been having some excellent age group competitions this summer.  This race was no different as Spiekermann narrowly outdistanced the quickly improving Garbini, providing us with yet another thrilling race.

Leisa Gonnella, who finished 2nd overall and Kiyoko Asao-Ragosta (5th overall) rounded out the top three females for the club.  Several fellow members scored blue ribbons in their respective age groups including Sharon Balint (50-54), Spiekermann (45-49), Asao-Ragosta (45-49), John Schorling (50-54), Armand Zambardi (70-74), Nancy Fraser (70-74), and Harry Freestone (80+).  All total 28 members finished the race, making up about 15% of the total field.  As always, the proceeds were passed along to the American Cancer Society.



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