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Martha Jefferson Hospital 8K Run / 4K Walk
CTC members Julia Bellis, Alec Lorenzoni and Lauri Wilson once again organized a dandy of a race for the MJ8K/4K. Over 700 folds participated in the 8K race and the 4K walk, helping to raise several thousand dollars for a variety of Martha Jefferson Community Outreach causes. Perfect racing weather (overcast, light rain and Temperatures in the 50s) helped many members to excellent times over a course That many consider to be the hilliest urban race in central Virginia. Several members scored blue ribbons in their respective age groups including Ken Nail (50-54), Doug Bloor (40-44), Lise Willingham (45-49), Peggy Mowbray (50-54), Eileen Wittwer (55-59), John Post (60-64), Michael Collins (65-69), Nancy Fraser (70+). Hernan Garbini was our first CTC member into the chutes, as the 48 year old finished 7th overall in 28:58. Louise Knudson was our first club female as she finished 2nd overall in 29:33.

Other members who had excellent MJ8K races:  Gerhard Van de Vent, Lee Coppock, Mike Albert, Harold Smith, Pete O'Shea, Mark Robbins, Dave Kwiatkowski, Lindsey Keefe, Ursula Hull, Trace Dinning, Dan Moriarity, Mary Alice Blackwell, Ginny Booth.

March 14, 2009

With cool temperatures and overcast skies, the record crowd was treated to near perfect racing conditions.  Over 800 runners and walkers traversed and navigated one of the hilliest urban courses in Virginia.  The extremely challenging course meanders through the beautiful downtown neighborhoods leading the competitors over a series of steep ups and downs and around countless bends.  

Not only was it the largest field in the race’s illustrious history but several course records were set on this picture perfect racing day.  Seth Hutchinson led three other runners across the line under or at the previous course record of 25:19.  Hutchinson’s time of 24:32 shattered the record by an amazing 42 seconds.  Chris Post was the first CTC runner into the chutes as he finished 6th overall in 27:24.  CTC member Louise McMurtrey rocketed to a 31:52 clock stopper winning the women’s division.  Fellow CTC member Beth Cottone ran an impressive 32:29 good for 3rd overall woman.  CTC member Cynthia Lorenzoni broke the 50-59 age group record in 36:20 and she led a pile of fellow members to the head of their age class including Hernan Garbini (45-49, 28:37), Lee Coppock (40-44, 29:57), Mary Manley (35-39, 32:45), Ken Nail (50-54, 33:27), Dawn Herrick (25-29, 34:12), Mary Hagel (30-34, 36:00), Cal Fowler (70-74, 37:01), Bev Wispelwey (55-59, 39:05), Susan Riddle (65-69, 46:34), Bill Blodgett (60-64, 40:01), Nancy Fraser (70-74, 51:01), Wendell Golden (80+, 1:03:56).

Other CTC times of note were turned in by Karen Zvarych, Peter O’Shea, Harry Landers, Michal Kadick, Susan Heald, Peggy Mowbray, Karen Durland-Jones, Tom Hintz, Missi Brown, Nicole Robbins-McNeish, Mike Gaffney, Natalie Krovetz, Patti Clevenson, Scott Gibson, George Gillies, Sharon Balint, Lance Holland, Jack and Beth Schmid, Donna Charlebois, Henry Reeves, Stephanie Tanna, Sarah Roberts, Diddy Morris, Kim Parsons, Tim Schneller, Kim Pillar, and Christine Schneller.

As always this popular not-for-profit event raised several thousand dollars for Martha Jefferson Community Programs.  Race coordinator Lauri Wilson was assisted by CTC co-directors Julia Bellis and Alec Lorenzoni, who did a wonderful job organizing  a well-oiled event.  They were ably assisted by several CTC members including a great finish line volunteer corps.  Dave Murphy, Carol Finch, TJ Wilson, John Lloyd, Ian and Joanne Rogol, Glen Anderson, Lyle Henofer, Harold Workman, Chip and Eileen Hopper, Bob Downer, Pat Smith, Kenny Ball, Eliza O’Connell, Audrey Lorenzoni, Robin Truxel, Tom Scala and Scott and Emily Smith were a huge help to me as we accurately recorded the hard working finishers.

Results | Video of the Finish Line

March 8, 2008

Now firmly entrenched as one of the area’s largest footraces, the MJ8K has also earned the reputation as a well organized race that helps runners tune up for the Ten Miler.  Run over one of the hilliest courses on the race circuit, the race helps to give the runners a good dose of downtown terrain.  Some veterans claim it to be our toughest area race. 

This year’s participants were treated to virtually ideal racing conditions.  Despite an early morning shower, the racers encountered a slight drizzle, slightly cool but perfect temperatures and no wind.  The volunteers were cold and damp but the racers cruised! 

Lauri Wilson, Julia Bellis and Melissa McDowell with the help of veteran CTC volunteers like Carol Finch, Lyle Henofer, Dave Murphy, Joanne and Ian Rogol, Audrey Lorenzoni, John Lloyd, Joan Esposito, Bev McCoid, Kathy Thomas and Rick and Lisa Kwiatkowski treated the runners to one of the best organized events of the year.

Jason Buczyna was the first CTC member to conquer this hilly course as he came across the finish line in 28:23 for 5th overall.  He was quickly followed by five more fellow members who all clocked stellar times.  Doug Bloor (6th in 28:46), Barry Young (7th in 28:48), Burkhard Spiekermann (8th in 28:52), Hernan Garbini (9th in 28:54), and Chris Samley (10th in 29:19) helped the CTC round out the top ten.  Masters ace Andrea Wright led a speedy CTC trio into the chutes as she finished 2nd overall in 30:52.  Nicola Ratcliffe (3rd in 31:07) and Eliza O’Connell (4th in 31:20) had excellent races.

Several CTC members scored first place in their respective age groups including:  Spiekermann (50-54), Buczyna (25-29), Bloor (40-44), Garbini (45-49), O’Connell (35-39), Young (35-39), Christiann DeFries (45-49), Heidi Johnson (40-44), Peggy Mowbray (50-54), Louise Dudley (65-69), Patty Pitera (60-64), Robert Kiefer (60-64), Chris Peterson (55-59) and Harry Freestone (80+).

Despite the cool rainy skies, over 400 folks showed up to run the 8K and another 100 competed in the 4K walk.  Several CTC members had impressive outings over this most challenging course including Becky Keller, Tommy Kinstle, Anthony Nappi, William Cox, Lee Coppock, Andrew Zapanta, Hallie Hegemier, Dawn Herrick, Sean Manly, TJ Wilson, Bev Wispelwey, Krista Coppock, Tim Gathright, Paul Bushrow, Kirsten Sugerman, Paul Humphries, Winn Ballard, Frances Hersey, Bob Johnson, Michelle Bushrow, George Gillies, Patti Clevenson, Sheila Blackford, Jim Firster, Danica Plantz, Sharon Balint, Rob VanDyken, Bill Caldwell, Kobby Hoffman, Robin Ramm, David Wilson, Mary Fowler, Patty Workman, David Clevenson, Desiree Cox, Joan VanDyken and Ben Farmer.

As usual, all of the proceeds from this special event were passed along to wonderful community health programs at Martha Jefferson.

March 10, 2007

The area’s 5th largest race raised the bar this year as close to perfect weather played host to over 750 runners and walkers.  First time directors Melissa McDowell and Julia Bellis were assisted by Martha Jefferson’s Lauri Wilson in organizing a dandy of a footrace over the beautiful streets of downtown.

Former UVA All-American (and school record holder in the Steeplechase) Rob Cook, who recently returned to Charlottesville with his family, ran one of the fastest times in recent memory (26:19) as he out kicked Louisa sophomore sensation Thomas Baker (26:29) for a 10 second victory over one of the hilliest road courses in Virginia. 

Andrea Wright led a trio of CTC women speedsters into the chutes and shattered her own course record in the process as she stopped the clock in 30:52.  Wright’s fantastic time was over 2 minutes faster than her previous best on the course when she was two years younger!  Quickly improving Eliza O’Connell was a scant 14 seconds back in 31:06 and CTC ace Beth Cottone rounded out this impressive top 3 with a stellar 31:40.  All three are 36 or older!

Several CTC members scored a blue ribbon in their respective age groups including Kristen Keller (25-29), Mary Manley (35-39), Nicola Ratcliffe (40-44), Hernan Garbini (45-49), Peggy Mowbray (50-54), Richard Moon (60-64), Danica Plantz (60-64), Skip Mullaney (65-69), Louise Dudley (65-69) and Wendell Golden (80+).  Of particular note was Garbini’s 29:41, Dudley ’s 46:19 and Golden’s 54:57, all very impressive state caliber times for their particular age groups.

Over 100 volunteers lined the meandering city course helping to make it one of the best organized races of the year as walkers and runners, who had two separate finish lines cruised over a similar section of Charlottesville real estate.  The CTC shine in its efforts to help with the finish line and results logistics and it showed as things ran smoothing throughout the early morning. 

Other CTC times of note were clocked by Jason Buczyna (27:38), Chris Samley (29:08), Will Morrison (32:26), Tom Wolanski (33:36), Jessica Bossler (34:12), Lise Willingham (35:11), Brian Muszynski (35:24), Missi Brown (37:57), Bethany Coppock (38:48), Chuck Lascano (39:02), Tanya Sturtz (42:14), Tom Hintz (40:24), Sheila Blackford (40:53), Eileen Wittwer (45:14), David Wilson (43:55), Susan Riddle (46:13), Mary Fowler (46:39), Stephanie Tanner (45:44), Lisa Draine (47:48), Renee Brett (47:50), Ray Clarke (48:26), Mariana Martinez (49:37), Sadie Simmons (51:41), Harry Freestone (58:27).

The race, which is annually held three weeks away from the Ten Miler, serves as an excellent tune up for the area’s granddaddy event.  This year was no exception as Wright, O’Connell and Cottone would go on to duplicate their 1,2,3 finish at the Ten Miler!  The race also, once again, helped to raise dollars (over $26,000) for a variety of worthy programs at Martha Jefferson and a special tip of the cap to volunteer co-directors McDowell and Bellis and their army of unpaid helpers, who made this wonderful event a reality.

March 11, 2006

One of the most beautiful mornings we’ve ever had for a local race treated this year’s MJ8K participants to perfect racing conditions.  With temperatures in the high 50’s, clear blue skies and no wind movement, the racers were left with only one major obstacle:  the toughest course within the city limits!

CTC volunteer Mike Elchinger picked quite an event for his Race Director debut and thanks to the great assistance of Ray Mishler, Lauri Wilson, Carol Finch, Mike Farrugio and over 100 volunteers, the event was beautifully organized.  Over 600 folks participated in the area’s 6th largest race, which serves as a great tune-up for the granddaddy of them all, the Charlottesville Ten Miler. 

CTC speedster Charlie Hurt continued his winning ways, as he took home his 2nd blue ribbon in the past month, sending the message that he just might be the pre-race favorite for the Ten Miler.  His 26:24 clocking was close to 90 seconds over his closest competitor and his time was almost identical to last year’s winner, who went on to win the Ten Miler.  Chris Samley (29:02) and Rick Kwiatkowski (30:24) rounded out the CTC’s top 3.  Beth Cottone out kicked former Ten Miler champion Nicola Ratcliffe to take home the top CTC female spot and Amy Ryan rounded out the Club’s top 3.

Over half the age group blue ribbons were pegged by CTC members including Samley (40-44), John Densmore (35-39), Anthony Nappi (30-34), Scott Smith (45-49), Cottone (35-39), Cal Fowler (65-69), Kerry Hendrix (40-44), Mark Klalo (55-59), Chuck Lascano (60-64), Patti Clevenson (50-54), Beth Schmid (55-59), Jack Schmid (70-74), Louise Dudley (65-69), Carter McNeely (60-64), and Wendell Golden (80+).

Other club times of note were turned in on this hilly and challenging course by Harold Blincoe, David Clevenson, Lee Coppock, Charlie Beckum, Patty Roberts, Linda Hamlin, Roger Barron, Richie Williams, Pete Runge, Dave Krovetz, Chris Sica, Mark Robbins, Glen Anderson, Dawn Herrick, Andrew Zapanta, Michelle Bushrow, Anna Brickhouse, Paul Bushrow, Chris Hays, Brian Keena, and Jim Horskotte. 

Thanks to the efforts of Elchinger and his fine corps of race day volunteers the hardworking racers were treated to a well organized event and as always, all proceeds were passed along to worthy community programs offered by Martha Jefferson.  MJ8K Volunteers included Carol Finch, Dave Murphy, Paul Humphreys, Tom and Mary Helen Hintz, Chuck Lascano, Ian and Joanne Rogol, Joan Esposito, Cynthia, Mark, Audrey, & Annie Lorenzoni, Dan, Alice, & Erin Wiggins, Frances Hersey, Jean Gratz, Susan Riddle, Noelle Davis, Neal Ammerman, Jim Stewart, Pat Smith, Jim Bell, Joan Bienvenue, Mark Newell, Mike Herrick, Downing Smith, Bette Dzamba, Wilson & Alex McGrady, Armand Zambardi, Courtney Long, and David Sellers.

March 12, 2005

Despite freezing temperatures and overcast skies, the 600 participants at this year’s edition of the MJ8K were treated to almost perfect conditions for competition.  Ironically, it was the volunteers, who helped at street intersections and at the finish line, who were chilled to the bone as they cheered on the hardworking participants. 

Veteran CTC Race Director Michael Goldman organized another dandy as he was supported by dozens of helpful fellow CTC volunteers.

This popular annual fun run, which benefits various worthy health issue programs at Martha Jefferson, traverses some of the hilliest roads in the greater downtown area, including a steep assault up 2nd Street and a long climb through the hills of Belmont.  CTC member Alec Lorenzoni, who is a volunteer distance coach at Western Albemarle, led a stellar field of ace runners into the chutes as he clocked an impressive 26:30 in his 8K road debut.       

Former two-time Ten Miler champ Travis Walter quickly followed (26:37) and defending MJ8K champ Lewis Martin rounded out the top three in 26:47.  Several other area road champions were in hot pursuit including former Ten Miler champ Pete O’Brien (27:32) and the speedy CTC trio of David Miller (27:50), Burkhard Spiekermann (28:40), and Chris Samley (28:43).  No less than 12 guys broke the 30 minute barrier, the highest number in years.

The women’s field was equally competitive as the top three women were separated by only one minute with CTC ace Andrea Wright clocking the blue ribbon in 32:40.  Fellow CTC competitor Beth Cottone finished 2nd in 33:13.

Several CTC members brought home blue ribbons in their respective age groups including Spiekermann (45-49), Samley (40-44), Mike Herrick (25-29), Richard Young (50-54), Rollin Stanton (55-59), Cal Fowler (65-69), Patti Clevenson (50-54), Bev Warren (55-59), Wendell Golden (75-79), and Nancy Fraser (65-69).

Close to 20% of the field came from the ranks of the CTC and many scored impressive pre-10 miler road times including Chris Post, Dave Krovetz, Lee Coppock, Gailin Boyd, Mark Castle, Kerry Hendrix, Missi Brown, Jerri Emm, Brian Campbell, Lisa Kwiatkowski, Chris Hays, Barb Stroh, Lewis Miller, Rob Stewart, Cindy Eichelkraut, Kathy Moore, and Mo Stevens, to name just a few. 

Hats off to Dr. Goldman and his fine corps of volunteers for helping so many folks enjoy a rolling tour of scenic downtown!

March 13, 2004

Crisp and cool temperatures under sunny blue skies greeted the largest field ever assembled for this popular early spring event.  Over 500 runners and close to 150 walkers traversed some of the most challenging hills of beautiful downtown Charlottesville.  Many of the 8K racers used this event as a final tune up to see where they are with their racing as they head into the “Big One,” the Charlottesville Ten Miler.

CTC board member, Michael Goldman directed yet another well organized event with the help of dozens of CTC members and community volunteers.  Sgt. Ronnie Roberts and his fine corps of city police officers did a splendid job of safely guiding the participants over the scenic urban course.

Former CHS standout Lewis Martin, who now competes at the collegiate level, pulled away from the stellar field to clock an impressive 27:50 win.  CTC members Chris Samley (28:00) and Dave Miller (28:34) rounded out the top three.  It was a clean sweep for the CTC in the women’s race as only 11 seconds separated the first three across the finish line.  Former WAHS star Anne Rettig (32:31) who is in her first year of medical school at UVA, out kicked Beth Cottone (32:37) and Andrea Wright (32:42).  Other CTC blue ribbon winner in their respective age groups were as follows:

Cal Fowler (65-69), Scott Smith (45-49), Gregory Ruthig (25-29), Galin Boyd (30-34), Bill Guerrant (50-54), Linda Scandore (50-54), Mary Napoleon (55-59), Harry Freestone (75-79), Nancy Davis-Imhof (60-64).

Close to 200 of the 8K participants came from the ranks of the CTC and many of these folks had excellent outings over this challenging course.  Here’s just a brief list of some of our members who fared well:  David Cooke, Lee Coppock, Richard Young, Noelle Davis, Charlie Beckum, Glen Anderson, Trish Foley, Armand Zambardi, Beth Dierdorf, Bethany Coppock, Nancy Mehlich, Alice Fletcher, Chris Peterson, Jayne Ashworth, Gwen Hairston, Cynthia Eichelkraut and Rob Stewart.

Thanks to the excellent efforts of the many hardworking volunteers and the impressive level of participation from the entrants the event was able to raise several thousand dollars for worthy programs at Martha Jefferson Hospital.  A tip of the cap to Michael Goldman for a job well done.




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