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Board Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2009

Board Members Present: Bill Duxbury, Manop Patel, Pamela Johnson, Bill Blodgett, Kristen Keller, Dave Murphy, Joan Esposito, Leah Connor
Absent: Harold Workman

Others present: Cathie Branchaud, Mary Alice Blackwell, Anne Causey, Cindy Eichelkraut, Amber Gardner, Deb Gilbert, Nicole Goerge, Lyle Henofer, Ellen Houle, Heidi Hull, Amy McClesky,  Rocket Roberts.

            The meeting was called to order.  The meeting agenda was approved with the exception of moving Item F after Item E2.  Bill Duxbury, president discussed the history of the CTC and current challenges, specifically, the need to prepare annual budgets and put in place financial controls to preserve our financial assets, to re-write our by-laws, and resolve controversies that divert us from our mission of promoting running in the community.  Minutes of the April 27, 2009 meeting were approved. The treasurer presented a report showing a bank balance (not including the Phoenix Account) of $46,921.78.  He has set up online checking so that the treasurer can easily monitor the CTC bank accounts.  He recommended that the Women’s Four Miler Training Program W4MTP have its own account as a subsidiary account.  He recommended that all accounts be budgeted together.  He has set up the accounts to provide quarterly reports to the board and monthly reports to the CTC treasurer.  Kristen will currently be the back up.

            The board approved a motion to establish a budget process requiring a budget to be reviewed by the board in July, approved by the board in August, and approved by the membership at a membership meeting in September.

            The board then voted to go into executive session.  The board returned from executive session and considered a tribute to Carol Finch for her decades of service to the CTC.  Carol had earlier said she would enjoy a potluck or picnic but has recently stated she does not.  Kristen, Lyle and Mark will look into this.

            The board approved the motion for the CTC to fully fund the Skip Kinnier scholarships in 2009.  The total cost is $8000.  The board then approved the motion to send out the newsletter Running Shorts online only as well as online membership renewals.

            The board then discussed at length the motion that the CTC not develop training programs that compete with or draw participants away from the W4MTP or MHMTP.  This motions was tabled until the June meeting  

The motion to draft Bill Duxbury to draft modified by-laws to be approved as modified at the June meeting, sent to the membership, to be given final approval by the board in August, and voted on by the membership at the September membership meeting.  The motion to re-affirm the conflict of interest policy was tabled as this issue should be included in the new by-laws that are to be drafted.

            The board tentatively set the next meeting date for June 29, 2009.   Other possible dates will be sent to board members by email to see if there is a better date. 




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