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Board Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2009

Minutes of the October 19, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting

Present:  Bill Duxbury, Dave Murphy, Kristen Keller, Pamela Johnson, Leah Conor, Bill Blodgett, Joan Esposito
Absent:  Charlie Heaton, Manoj Patel
CTC Members:  Larry Saunders, Mary Smith, Kobby Hoffman, Debby Johnson, Jim Horstkotte, Amy Goffman, Wanda Hamlin, Elizabeth Fortune, Pam Worley, Theresa White, Tina Gough, Jo Ann Pinkerton, Emily Hedburg.

            The meeting was called to order.  The agenda was approved and 7:30 PM adjournment time was approved.  The minutes of the September 14, 2009 board of directors meeting and the minutes of the September 28, 2009 membership meeting were approved.

            Dave Murphy presented a format for next year’s budget.  He also discussed the income tax form and the requirement that the board must approve the form 990.  He will present the proposed budget at the November meeting.

            Bill Blodgett proposed the creation of a committee to consider revision of the CTC bylaws.  The board suggested the addition of other CTC members who are not current or past board members.  The board approved a Bylaws re-write committee with Bill Blodget as chair and Cynthia Lorenzoni, Peter York, Joan Bienvenue, Andrew Zapanta, Brian Keena, Carol Finch and Hobby Hoffman as members.

            Manoj Patel and Charlie Heaton will report on the election procedures for the next board election at the November board meeting.

            During the remainder of the meeting we discussed the women’s four miler training program (W4MTP).  Joan Esposito and the members in attendance talked about the growth of the program over the years and the actions taken to make the program more inclusive of walkers, younger runners and more experienced runners.  The program trains more than sixteen hundred women over the summer and has expanded to satellite locations in Nelson, Madison, Greene, Fluvanna and Augusta Counties.  There are more than twenty committees which handle matters such as speakers, music, equipment, notebooks and safety.  The Greene County Rescue Squad has been present some Saturdays.  Efforts were made to keep costs low or to break even.  Water, balloon arch and graphic design were all donated.  The 2009 training program ended with surplus funds.  “Pink Ladies” are volunteers who assist at the training program.  They commit to at least five Saturdays over the summer.  The training program is looking for more experienced runners to help train runners who are already running longer distances.  The training program coordinates with the Four Miler race, the directors of the race and training program discussed the possibility of next summer the race entry date a week later to give more training program participants the opportunity to register for the race. 

There were comments from both board members and member in attendance.  Some of the issues were:  The track belongs to UVA and the training program needs to accommodate public members on the track during these programs.  Different treatment between training runs in Charlottesville and those at the satellite locations.  Afternoon & evening runs in one location and not another location are due to the number of volunteers available at the locations & times, running routes are planned ahead, and cancellation policies.  A conclusion was made that any training run at any location should meet all training program standards, especially for safely.  Kristen, after a number of meetings with all parties involved, summarized the issues of former “Pink Ladies” and how each issue has been addressed and resolved.

            The board thanked the training program volunteers for their dedication and success and approved a motion allowing the training program to keep its surplus funds from 2009 for use for the 2010 training program.

Joan Esposito, director of the W4MTP and board member, presented a memorandum on her use of the term "Running Realtor", stating that this term is copyrighted and has been used by her since 1980.  This term as well as the graphic of a woman running, printed in pink, has been used in her real estate ads from May through September each year from 2004 through 2009.   These real estate ads contain references to the CTC and the W4MTP.  Joan stated that she would no longer reference the W4MTP or any CTC events in these real estate ads if the board so requested.

            At the November meeting the board will receive the report from the Women’s Four Miler race, the proposed 2010 budget, the procedures for the board of director’s election, and discuss the Ten Miler race, the NY5K, and the banquet.

            The meeting was adjourned at 7:45PM.



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